Selected Exhibitions
"Let's Make", Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, Oct. 2017

"Euljiro Lightway", Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea, Oct.2017

"RE: CRAFT", 10th Cheongju Craft Biennale Main Exhibition, Cheongju, Korea, Sep.2017

"Production City", Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Seoul, Korea, Sep.2017

"고도에서 내일을 그리다", Jongno Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul, Korea, Jan. 2017

"Prototyping of Sharing Eco City with Technology", Seoul Sharing Festival, Seoul, Korea, Nov. 2016

"Souvenir from Kota Kinabalu", Arts Council Korea , Seoul, Korea, Nov. 2016

"Future in Hand", 10th Annual Craft Trend Fair, Special Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, Dec. 2015

"Air Reinforced Structure", Creative Korea Expo 2015 Special Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, Nov. 2015

"Objectology", Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea  Jun. 2014

"Design for Life"(as Fab 3), aA Design Museum, Korea, Nov. 2013

Publications / Media
“Digital Makers Vol.1”, Design Convergence Research Center, Ehwa Women's University, Sep. 2016, ISBN 978-89-94027-60-9

“Future in Hands”, Korea Craft and Design Foundation(KCDF), Dec. 2015, ISBN 978-89-97252-54-1

Invited Talks

"Tools and Technoligy", Art Dock, Siheung, Korea, Nov. 2017 

"The New Era of Domestic Industry", Korea Creative Content Agency, Seoul, Korea, Aug. 2017 

"Making with Machine", Making with Machine 2017 Microconference, Seoul, Korea, Apr. 2017 

"Design with Tools", Sejong Univ. Colloquium - Guest Lecturer, Seoul, Korea, Oct. 2016

"This Isn't Technology", Jungdabang Project - Speaker, Seoul, Korea, Sep. 2016

"Building Tools to Build Things", Maker Conference 2016 - Speaker, Seoul, Korea, Jun. 2016

"Customize to Personalize", Pujiang Innovation Forum - Guest Speaker, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2015

"Designing, Making and Having Fun", KOFAC Let's Make Forum - Keynote Speaker, Seoul, Korea, Jun. 2015

"Customize to Personalize", The 15min. that Changes The World, National TV Talk, Jeju, Korea, Nov. 2014

“Objectology Artist Talk”, Speaker, Gwacheon, Korea, Oct 2014

Honors / Awards / Others

American Center Korea Fellow, 2016 - 2017

Fab Lab Asia Network Board Member, 2015

City of Seoul Social Economy Idea Competition - Grand Prize, Fab Lab Seoul, 2013

SAIC Regional Merit Scholarship, 2008

SAIC Student Leadership Award, 2005 - 2007