Rainbow Donuts #5/ Donut Palace

After years of struggling financially, when my family went rock bottom from the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis, my parents made a decision to move to the US looking for an American Dream. There is a saying in Korean-American community "You'll have the job of someone who picked you up at the airport" and as it says, we followed our relatives' path and opened up a donut shop in Texas, yes a donut shop in TX, even though they had long been doing something else also.

The company slogan was something like "We Knead Your Dough Every Day", and as a baker at the shop I kneaded dough everyday while I went to community college to take ESL courses and basic courses. I started making life paintings when I came back from London in 2002 (lived in London for 8 months, I fled from baking donuts from 2am) and that got me into SAIC in 2005.